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How to Spy on Someone Without Touching their Phone

This article will show you on your options on how to how to spy on someone without touching their phone.  There are many articles online that are claiming to be able hack a mobile phone without even touching it. These articles are written by armatures article publishers who are just doing a their job spinning an article. Currently there are 2 common ways used to hack a phone without touching it. the first method is used by law enforcement around the world. What you will need is an IMSI Catcher.


Hack or Spy on Someone Without Touching

IMSI catcher, is a hardware device used for intercepting mobile phone traffics and tracking movement of mobile phone. How it works is very simple. It tricks phones in your vicinity to think that you are are the cell phone tower. And the phone makes the call via your IMEI Catcher to the cell tower. In this method you can track every calls within your surrounding. These devices are very clean and efficient. There are several drawbacks to this system. * You need to be close to the phone you are tracking. No more then 50 meters. * They are very expensive. A simple device will set you back around 20 thousand dollars. If you can have the time to keep close proximity to the phone you are tracking and have the means to afford this, then this will be the product for you. It is very efficient and very stealth.





How to Hack

The second option is to spoof and open Wify MAC address. The disadvantage of this system is: * you will need to be in close proximity to the Wify signal. * not an easy process to read hex codes. * not simple to isolate wify signals from different phones. They are transmitted in chunks from different devices. This option is for experts with programming knowledge.


On the other hand if you do not have the time to follow the phone every where and do not have the means to afford very expensive systems. Or, learn hex codes. Then the only other way to have hack a phone is to install a mobile spy software on the phone. The drawback of mobile spy software’s are you will need the phone on hand to install the apk. But the good news is you can get it cheap, costing around $49. Among some brands you can get in the market is: Win Mobile Spy.Get Win Mobile Spy for Only $49.95 a Year or $ 79.95 a Lifetime here.

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Using a spy software is by far the most sensible option for regular people. It is the most affordable option.