Win-Spy :-Remote PC Install and Monitoring Features

1) View Screen Captures
2) View Keylog file, Website Visited, Time Spent Online, Chat-Room Conversations reports.
3) Browse all files and folders on remote PC.
4) Upload and Download files to/from remote PC.
5) View remote PC webcam in realtime/streaming.
6) Store CamShots of remote PC when motion detected.
7) Enable remote PC mic and record surrounding sounds.
8) Execute programs on remote pc.
9) Restart, Logoff, Shutdown remote PC

Remote PC Monitoring Features

Win Spy is a complete Package that comes with Remote PC monitoring too. To Monitor a Remote PC:

Step 1 – Create Remote File using Remote Install.
Step 2 – Send Remote File to Remote PC using dropbox such as, usb drive or by any other means. Do not email the remote file. (When remote user clicks on remote file win-spy will install.)
Step 3 – Use Browser Dashboard, Remote Viewer or FTP Viewer to view content/monitor remote PC.
Click here on more info - on how to monitor a remote PC.

Other Advantage of Win-Spy!

    Remote Deployment:
  • - monitor 10 remote PC for $39.95
  • - bypass firewall/router
  • - file type - combine, exe, scr, excel, JPG and PDF
  • Remote Access:
  • - login web to access screen shots and reports
  • - login via remote console to view info
  • - View downloaded files on my PC
  • - obtain info via email, direct connect, ftp

Spy Software for Mobile Phone, Remote PC or Local PC

The All In One Monitoring Package

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