Remote Install Spy Software

Remote Install Spy Software to Monitor up 10 Remote PC

Win Remote Install Spy Software is admittedly the easiest remotely deployable spy software.  It will allow you to remotely monitor a any PC by using a web browser.  You do not need physical access to the PC you want to monitor.  Win Remote Install Spy Software comes with a remote install package. This package will allow you to create a remote install file of these types (exe, jpg, pdf, scr, excel).  All you have to do is send the file to the PC you want to monitor.

It empowers you to monitor on all details logs of your respective distinct targeted.


Remote Install Spy Software


Win Spy Remote PC Monitoring comes with:
  • Screen Shot Capture
  • WebCam Live
  • Reports –  Keylogger
  •                View Chat Conversation
  •                Get Website Visited Detail
  •                Restricted Sites User Visited
  •                Time Spent Online by User
  •                PC Activity 
  •                PC Usage or Active Time
  •                Lost Stolen PC Location
  • Emailer for Keylogger, Screen Shots and Reports
  • Live Streaming Web-Cam (View / Record)
  • File Browser and FTP
  • PC Shutdown / Log Off
  • File Uploader / Download / Execute / Delete
  • Send Message to Remote PC
  • Remote file Install – combine, exe and excel
  • Remote information – direct connect, ftp, email
  • Monitor up to 10 remote PC with 39.95 version
  • Suspend Screen Shots on Idle
  • Centralized PC Monitoring
  • Works even with Firewall / Router
  • WebAccess Dashboard
  • Remote Desktop Connect to Remote


So How does remote Install Work.

  1. Create a Remote Install File using our Remote Installer
  2. Send Remote File to Remote PC using dropbox such.
    (When remote user clicks on remote file win-spy will install.)
  3. Use Browser Dashboard, Remote Viewer or FTP Viewer to view content/monitor remote PC.

Remote Install Spy Software 2

You can create a exe, jpg, pdf or inject remote module.  You do not need the remote PC IP to deploy or monitor the remote PC. Click Here for More Information


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