Remote Employee Monitoring

Remote Employee Monitoring Solutions using Win Spy

In this post i am going to show you, how you can use Win Spy to Monitor your remote Employee or Workers. With Win Spy Monitoring you can monitor any remote employee from anywhere in the world. Screen shots of what the employee has been doing all day will be saved on our server. With this information you will be able to see what your employee have being all day. In addition Win Spy Monitoring also comes with the functions below.

You will be able to:

1) View Screen Captures
2) View Keylog file, Website Visited, Time Spent Online, Chat-Room Conversations reports.
3) Browse all files and folders on remote PC.
4) Upload and Download files to/from remote PC.
5) View remote PC webcam in real-time/streaming.
6) Store Cam Shots of remote PC when motion detected.
7) Enable remote PC mic and record surrounding sounds.
8) Execute programs on remote pc.
9) Restart, Logoff, Shutdown remote PC.

When remote user connects to the net. Win -Spy Remote Viewer will display the user as online.

Remote monitoring has become a very important tool. Especially in the emergence of COVID 19.  Now more employees are working remotely.  This tool will help you keep an eye of your company productivity. Win Spy monitoring cost $49.95 for one year and you can monitor 10 remote PC anywhere in the world.

How to Monitor Remote PC – Summary

Step 1 – Create a Remote File using our Remote install Wizard.
Step 2 – Run the remote File on the PC you want to monitor.
Step 3 – Use your Browser to view remote PC data or connect directly to remote PC to see in  real time if the  worker is working.

Remote Monitoring – Step by Step

1) Enter User: Enter a description on how you are going to identify remote PC. Example: John Computer

2) Enter Filename: This is the name of the file you will be sending. This file will be created on your desktop. Send this file to remote PC.

3) Include Picture: This is the picture remote user will see when they click on the remote file. Supports GIF or JPG formats. If no picture is included then when user clicks on the file it would appear as nothing has happened. Win-Spy will install silently.

4) Enter Gmail Email Address. 

5) Click on Create Remote file – You are done a remote file would be create on your desktop. Send this file to the remote PC.

It is that simple. You do not need to configure the other settings – it will be auto configured for you.

Remote Employee Monitoring

How to View Activity of Remote Employee 

There are 3 ways to obtain data from remote PC.

1) Via Remote Viewer – In Win Spy Main App – Go to Remote Viewer.  Select the PC you want to connect to and you will be able to view the remote PC Live Desktop. You can also view all reports and download or run any files from the remote PC.




2) Via your Dashboard: Login to your Dashboard. http://1mobilespy.com:5900/login/auth and click on View PC.

Remote-Employee Monitoring Dashboard


3) Via your Gmail: Obtain Reports Via Gmail. win-Spy reports will be emailed to the gmail account you specified.

Benefits of using our Software to Monitor Employees

1 – Competitively Priced. For only $49.95 you can monitor up to 10 remote workers for one year. And the license is re-usable.
2 – No need to configure Firewall or Router.  Our software is very easy to setup. There is no need to configure router for port forwarding or add an exception to Firewall.  It will work behind Firewalls and Routers.

So What Are you Waiting For!

Buy Remote Monitoring App

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