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Win Mobile Spy Software has the ability to monitor both Your Local PC or any of your Remote PC. For $49.95 can monitor your pc and up to 10 remote PC’s and 2 mobile phones. Win-Spy works behind firewall / route



Remote PC Monitoring Click Here

Main Screen – Used to view screen shoots files.  Viewer may also be used as a regular picture viewer.

Local PC Monitoring

PC Spy Software

Spy Software

monitor local PC


Monitor Desktop

Screen Shots – Win Spy  easy to configuration option will allow users to take screen shots form every 6 seconds interval to 30 minute interval. Screen Shoot files are tagged with data time and username.  Screen shot files may be saved anywhere on the computer or network. And screen shot folders may be hidden by using the folder hider.
Enabled Idle Detect, if checked halt screen shots when there is no activity for more then 45 seconds.
monitor desktop
WebCam – Win Spy Software ‘s web cam will allow users to monitor what is going on in their home or office while they are away. You will be able to monitor what is going in your home/office from any location using the Internet. Win Spy Software will secretly / silently turn on your home/office web cam. Just enter your IP address in the Internet Explorer’s.     example:
sms monitoring
Record/Save File Across Networks – Win Spy Software allows us to save Screen Shots, Archive Files and Keylog files anywhere on the local PC or network. Network Administrators save files anywhere on a network and view folder content at will.
Easy Archival – Screen Shoot files can be archived easily with a click of a button to any folder on the computer or network. These folders may be also hidden.
keylog emailer setting
Remotely Monitoring Keystrokes – Win Spy Software allows Report files to be emailed to most email address.
KeyWord Alert – Enabling KeyWord alert will make Win Spy Software scan the log file at intervals and look for key word you specify.If a keyword is found the log file will be mailed to you immediately.You may specify up to 30 keywords. You may either specify a keyword or phrase. Keyword are not case sensitive.
PC Tracking – In an event of your PC or Laptop getting lost or stolen. Win Spy Software ‘s PC Tracking will secretly send you information via email on your PC whereabouts. This information can be passed to law enforcement to recover your PC / Laptop.
Miscellaneous settings – Misc/Other Win Spy Software Settings. Win-Spy also allows you to disable or turn off monitoring for specific users.


Spy Reports

7 Types of Reports Generated

  • Key Logger – Records Anything Typed on key board. Keylog files may be assigned any name and can be saved anywhere on your local PC or network. These folders may also be hidden.
  • Website Detail – Provides detail report by date, time and username of where PC user had been.
  • Website Summary – Provides summary report by domain, date, time and username of where PC user had been.
  • Restricted Website Visited – Provides report on sites user attempted to visit.
  • Time spent on Internet – Provides report by username date and amount of time user spends on the net.
  • PC Usage or Active Time– Provides report by username date and amount of time user spends on PC.
  • Lost Stolen PC Location – records and email and FTP –  PC IP, CPU ID, OS ID, Hardware Serial to location you specify.


Folder Hider

Folder Hider – Win Spy Software is also comes with a Folder Hider. You may use this utility to hide any folder on your PC.


Win-Spy Remote Monitoring allows you 4 methods to obtain data/reports from remote PC.
  • Direct Connect – Connect to Remote and view/retrieve data
  • FTP – obtain reports/screen shots/cam shots via FTP
  • Email – obtain reports via email
  • Dashboard – use any web browser and view remote PC reports.

Remote Install Spy

Remote Install Spy Creator

Inject Spy into app

Remote Install File Creator Wizard (Above) – Win Spy Software comes bundled with remote install Wizard.  With this wizard (above) you can create remote install files which can be sent to any of your remote PC’s. When the user clicks on the file it would install Win Spy Software.  If a picture is included then the user would see the picture. If picture is not included – when remote user clicks on the file, the user would not see anything.

Remote PC Viewer

Remote PC Login – Used to connect and access to Remote PC. Note you may Add and Remove License. You may monitor 10 PC’s at one time.


Directly Connect to remote PC and view data

Direct Connect to Remote

Use your Browser Dashboard and view remote PC data.

Remote Dashboard PC


Any Questions PS contact us at: support@win-spy.com