This instruction will show you on how to monitoring a mobile phone. It is a step by step tutorial. This instruction is for Win-Spy Mobile Phone Monitoring.

Follow instructions step by step.

If you do not have the target phone with you now. Then do step 1 and 2 first.

Procede to step3 when you have the target phone.


Proceed to Sign Up / Register Page – click here.

Username: Important, Enter the Purchasers Email Address. Do not use any other email address.

Password: Enter password of your choice. This password is used to access the web interface.

OrderNumber: Enter the Order # from the Welcome Email. 4 digit order number.

STEP 2: Check Your email and Activate your account.

After Sign Up. Check your email for verification link. Click on the verification link. If you are not able to click on the link then copy paste link to Google Chrome. This is a Important step.

  STEP 3: Install APK on target mobile phone.
On Menu bar – download and run the android.apk file on target phone you wish to monitor.

Download and run apk file to Target Phone

Problems downloading apk: PS check Settings – Security – Unknown sources.

And allow it to download it from unknown sources.

Install and run the apk file

STEP 4: Setup Phone ID

Name: give any name it identify the remote phone. example: Tom, Harry, Jane

Email Address/ this is the email address you used to register.