How to Hack Facebook

How To Hack Facebook Password

how-to-hack-facebook-passwordIn this post I am going to show you how you can hack Facebook using Win Spy for PC.  This is the easiest way to obtain Facebook username and password.

Facebook has become a global brand. It gives us opportunity to connect and share all kinds of things. New people are joining this Facebook network every day. The primary purpose of Facebook is to connect all people from around the world, but there are also people that use it for different harmful purposes.

Hacking Fackbook Password has become more and more difficult now days. Facebook has pretty much closed all the loop holes to their website. Facebook pays $500 to individuals who can hack their website with the traditional (youtube) ways.  Sorry to say, all the videos you find on YouTube to hack facebook are obsolete.  We tried all of the popular ways and nothing traditional worked.

The only known method that we know of that works is to install a keylogger on the PC you want to hack and obtain the passwords. Fortunately, win spy mobile for pc has a local and remote pc keylogger that can achieve this goal.

Win Mobile Spy comes with PC and Mobile Phone monitoring. You can both monitor your Mobile Phone and PC or Laptop. It comes as a bundled package at a cost of $39.95 a Year. With this package you can monitor 2 mobile phones, 10 remote PC and 1 local PC.

With Win Mobile Spy (local PC), all you have to do is to install the software and it will do the rest to obtain the facebook account password. No configuration is needed. It will start monitoring anything that is typed on your keyboard immediately.

With Win Mobile Spy (remote PC). There are a few steps needed to achieve this.

  • Step 1: You will need to create a Remote File using the win spy main main module.
  • Step 2: You will need to send this file to the PC you want to monitor and open the file there.
    Fortunately enough Win Mobile Spy Remote allows several kinds on remote file installations.

PS see this  link for more info on how to do a remote install.

– exe install
In this method – the remote install file is embed with a picture and the exe file icon will show as an icon file. when the remote user clicks on the file they would see a picture and win spy pc module will install silently on their pc.

– JPG and PDF install.
In this method – the remote install file will be embeded into a jpg or pdf file. And when user clicks on the file it will silently install the module.

– Combine.
In this method you can silently inject the remote pc module into any exe file (such as msconfig.exe). And when the remote user runs the msconfig.exe file by microsoft. The module will silently install into the background.

– XLS.
In this method you can silently inject the remote pc module into xls file.  And when the remote user runs the xls file by microsoft.  The module will silently install into the background.  This method is good for Excel version 2005 and below.

Remote Install Spy Software 2


There other means of hacking facebook. These methods have proven costly and time consuming.

Below are some examples:

1) Creating a Fake Facebook website and sending out phishing emails. Of course we know creating a simple facebook website clone is not cheap or time consuming.

2) Spoofing a MAC address. Well you are going to know how to spoof and decipher the hex code. This is no fun at all for a novice.

So in conclusion in our opinion, using a monitoring software like win Mobile Spy for Mobile and PC is the cheapest and easiest solution to get the info you need.

The purpose of this article on How To Hack Facebook Password is for educational purpose only. Please adhere to local laws when using Win Mobile Spy Software.


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