Remote Employee Monitoring

Remote Employee Monitoring Solutions using Win Spy

In this post i am going to show you, how you can use Win Spy to Monitor your remote Employee or Workers. With Win Spy Monitoring you can monitor any remote employee from anywhere in the world. Screen shots of what the employee has been doing all day will be saved on our server. With this information you will be able to see what your employee have being all day. In addition Win Spy Monitoring also comes with the functions below.

You will be able to:

1) View Screen Captures
2) View Keylog file, Website Visited, Time Spent Online, Chat-Room Conversations reports.
3) Browse all files and folders on remote PC.
4) Upload and Download files to/from remote PC.
5) View remote PC webcam in real-time/streaming.
6) Store Cam Shots of remote PC when motion detected.
7) Enable remote PC mic and record surrounding sounds.
8) Execute programs on remote pc.
9) Restart, Logoff, Shutdown remote PC.

When remote user connects to the net. Win -Spy Remote Viewer will display the user as online.

Remote monitoring has become a very important tool. Especially in the emergence of COVID 19.  Now more employees are working remotely.  This tool will help you keep an eye of your company productivity. Win Spy monitoring cost $49.95 for one year and you can monitor 10 remote PC anywhere in the world.

How to Monitor Remote PC – Summary

Step 1 – Create a Remote File using our Remote install Wizard.
Step 2 – Run the remote File on the PC you want to monitor.
Step 3 – Use your Browser to view remote PC data or connect directly to remote PC to see in  real time if the  worker is working.

Remote Monitoring – Step by Step

1) Enter User: Enter a description on how you are going to identify remote PC. Example: John Computer

2) Enter Filename: This is the name of the file you will be sending. This file will be created on your desktop. Send this file to remote PC.

3) Include Picture: This is the picture remote user will see when they click on the remote file. Supports GIF or JPG formats. If no picture is included then when user clicks on the file it would appear as nothing has happened. Win-Spy will install silently.

4) Enter Gmail Email Address. 

5) Click on Create Remote file – You are done a remote file would be create on your desktop. Send this file to the remote PC.

It is that simple. You do not need to configure the other settings – it will be auto configured for you.

Remote Employee Monitoring

How to View Activity of Remote Employee 

There are 3 ways to obtain data from remote PC.

1) Via Remote Viewer – In Win Spy Main App – Go to Remote Viewer.  Select the PC you want to connect to and you will be able to view the remote PC Live Desktop. You can also view all reports and download or run any files from the remote PC.




2) Via your Dashboard: Login to your Dashboard. http://1mobilespy.com:5900/login/auth and click on View PC.

Remote-Employee Monitoring Dashboard


3) Via your Gmail: Obtain Reports Via Gmail. win-Spy reports will be emailed to the gmail account you specified.

Benefits of using our Software to Monitor Employees

1 – Competitively Priced. For only $49.95 you can monitor up to 10 remote workers for one year. And the license is re-usable.
2 – No need to configure Firewall or Router.  Our software is very easy to setup. There is no need to configure router for port forwarding or add an exception to Firewall.  It will work behind Firewalls and Routers.

So What Are you Waiting For!

Buy Remote Monitoring App

Effective Ways to Hack Facebook Password

Effective Ways to Hack Facebook Password

How to Hack Facebook

This article is to educate you on effective ways to hack facebook password.

Now as Facebook approaches in handy, every people have become more social through this website, than being social in their real life. Thus Facebook has turned out to be a specific way to explore the behavior of any individual. If you require knowing how to hack Facebook password or account, then you have come to the right place. A Facebook account hacker application makes fine utilization of unidentified proxies and fully secured script. Their hack script executes online and downloading is not needed. The servers are so quick that in a very small time you can easily hack a Facebook account. Users take accountability of any kind of action because of hacking.

As the social media is gradually expanding its wings, a simple Facebook message or status has the strength of threatening your family, friends, and relatives. For the sake of safety reasons, the crime prevention divisions many times hack Facebook password or accounts of shop lifters, offenders, and any other anti-social suspects for any kind of proof which allows their capture or arrest. With huge number of youngsters making their FB accounts, it is really required to eradicate such internet child crooks that are on the observation for teenagers.

Why people want to hack Facebook passwords?

Quite many people are hacking someone else’s FB account. Either they attempt to hack FB passwords of their boyfriend or girlfriend so that they can get to know the behind scenes. Even parents are worried about their children’s FB activities, and thus hack their accounts to check. Also a wife or husband may attempt to hack password and achieve access to their distrustful partner’s FB account. There are also some people who just want to hack FB password only to display their skills.

How to hack Facebook password?

1. Get their FB account username

With the help of online Facebook hacker tool which is free, easy and quick, you can be helped to hack FB account. At first, you require copying the website address of that particular account that you are looking to hack. Then enter the Facebook and move to users’ profile page. You will see the site address that should somewhat look like “http://www.facebook.com/username/” at the top of your web browser. You can then copy and paste this link in the textbox where it is given: click here to start hacker.

2. Start free FB hacker

When you have made your entry into their username address in the box, you can click on “Start Hacker” button. The free Facebook automated tool will then start the hacking process. Be alert that this procedure can take you anywhere from 1 minute to more than 10 minutes. It mainly relies on how complicated their password is. At times it is fast to hack Facebook passwords, but if by chance it takes longer time, you need stay patient. With this service, you don’t need to download anything, hence you can feel secure.

3. Using a Keylogger

When you install a keylogger, it will easily record every keystroke which a user will type on a particular computer’s keyword involving Facebook account password. As keyloggers don’t need any special skills for installing and using, it is certainly the simplest way to hack FB password. You are suggested to follow the below keylogger program as the better one to achive approach to Facebook account.

Win-Spy is considered the best as it features 100 percent stealth action and stays undetected; remote installation from across the world; simple to use; and well-suited with Windows XP, Vista/7/8, and Mac. In order to hack FB account, you have to install Win-Spy on the targeted PC. While the target user gets logged into his FB account from PC, login details including username and password are seized and uploaded to Win-Spy servers. Later on you can approach the stored logs for acquiring the FB password.

4. Common Password Hacking Methods

Distinct attempts are used easily to hack FB passwords that are known as “Bruteforce” attempts that functions by attempting huge blends of passwords to check of any one of them is accurate. Being a mathematical sureness, Bruteforce efforts will get the right one as the passwords could be from a set number of distinct letters and numbers only. Take for example, “123456”, “654321”, “password”, “qwerty”, “abc123”, “letmein”, etc.

5. Complicated Passwords

If by chance the usual hack attempts do not function, then you can try out every word from dictionary and also every person’s name. Mostly people utilize casual words. In order to enhance the possibility we even insert numbers towards the end of each word which stands as a common practice. This will surely acquire access to many of the FB passwords. Complex passwords may also add complicated characters such as symbols. So you would require clicking on ‘Authorization code’ and acquire an applicable code for revealing the password.

6. Succeed or fail to hack account

You will notice a message conveying whether the process is succeeded or failed to hack the FB password. If it gets failed, then you cannot get access to the FB account. If it operates, then you can click the given button to get to the next page, and further enter your Auth Code. After entering the Auth Code in the textbox, the password will be displayed. Hence via this, you can hack the FB account.

Therefore, you might be aware of how to hack Facebook password.

hack whatsapp

How to Hack WhatsApp

How to Hack WhatsApp and Catch Your Significant Other Cheating. This how to will show you the easiest way to accomplish this task. During these recent years whatsapp has become the most popular messaging application used by everyone. Its appealing features such as media sharing and cross-platform support have made whatsapp to be the top choice chat application used on most mobile phones. And on the flip side, whatsapp has turned out to be the most favored app for cheaters to use in exchanging secret messages and keep dishonest relationships.

Thus, it has become important to keep and eye or hack whatsapp messages.  It will enable you to know the truth about your relationships or ever your children’s activities online.  Our Mobile Spy will enable you to spy on WhatsApp without anyone knowing about it.

Earlier it was not simple to hack WhatsApp account, but with the changing time you can easily hack whatapp on platforms such as iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry. You can simply hack whatsapp account and know all the secret messages, photos, and videos shared there.  Here are few effective ways you can spy the targeted person’s WhatsApp messages.

1# Use a Mobile Spy Phone App: The easiest way to hack WhatApp messages is to use mobile spy software.  Although, many companies market WhatsApp spy programs on the internet, but few real spy apps products really works. Win Mobile Spy App stands as the most promising app for hacking WhatsApp, it has excellent features.

Win Spy allows you to see all the conversations taken place on WhatsApp of the targeted smartphone. With the help of Win Spy, you can notice all the chat conversations on WhatsApp; effortlessly find the numbers and names of the people the targeted person has been chatting with for a long time; acquire date and time to know when every chat has taken place; and obtain approach to any audio files, photos, or videos sent via WhatsApp and saved on target mobile phone. Even the WhatsApp talks uploaded on your Win Spy control panel can be accessed by you from any place with the aid of internet.   Use our dashboard to hack the whatsapp the chat conversations. 

2# Worthy features of Win Spy: Few interesting features of Win Spy makes it ideal for hacking WhatsApp messages. Win Spy software operates by tracking all the important activities in the backdrop of monitored mobile phone covering web history, GPS location, emails, images, videos, keystrokes,  WhatsApp, etc.

One can spy on WhatsApp chats and messages. They can spy on Group WhatsApp messages. One can also spy on WhatsApp contacts, WhatsApp calls, WhatsApp video and image sharing, and other internet activities such as on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Viber Spy.

3# Spoof the MAC Address: Spoofing the MAC address of targeted mobile from your phone is yet another way to do spying on other’s WhatsApp messages. This process is hard and needs some amount of technical proficiencies to execute. WhatsApp has little exposure of letting you operate same WhatsApp accounts on 2 mobiles endowed with same MAC address. This you have to acquire approach on the targeted mobile phone for recording its MAC address and further spoofing the same on your mobile.  You can acquire MAC address of the targeted mobile phone below.

For iPhone: go to Setting>General>About>WiFi address

For Android: go to Setting>About phone>Status>WiFi MAC address

For Windows Phone: go to Settings>About>More information>MAC address

For Blackberry: Go to Options>Device>Device and Status info>WLAN MAC

4# Catch the WhatsApp notification on Android: For the Android developers, another way of spying on some other person’s WhatsApp messages is writing an app, and further catching WhatsApp notification that includes WhatsApp messages only.

5# Hacking database WhatsApp messages for ROOT appliance: You can also acquire database WhatsApp app of the targeted mobile phone in order to spy on any targeted person’s WhatsApp messages. This way is quite tough and needs technical skills to execute it. For utilizing Root Explorer to acquire database Whatsapp app, your database name is: msgstore.db, and path: /data/data/com.whatsapp/databases.

6# Enable WhatsApp Web:  If you have access to the mobile you can enable Whatsapp web in your PC.  This will allow you to see whats app messages typed on the mobile via your PC.  To use this:

  • On your Desktop go to https://web.whatsapp.com/ .   A QR code will be displayed on your screen.
  • Now get the target mobile on hand
  • Open Whatsapp. Go to the settings button in whatsapp.  And select Whatsapp Web.
  • And scan the PC QR Code. and you are connected to WhatsApp by your PC.
  • You will be able to see every messages typed.


The purpose of this article on How To Hack Whatsapp is for educational purpose only. Please adhere to local laws when using Win Mobile Spy Software.


For any questions PS email us at: support@win-spy.com

How to Hack Facebook

How To Hack Facebook Password

how-to-hack-facebook-passwordIn this post I am going to show you how you can hack Facebook using Win Spy for PC.  This is the easiest way to obtain Facebook username and password.

Facebook has become a global brand. It gives us opportunity to connect and share all kinds of things. New people are joining this Facebook network every day. The primary purpose of Facebook is to connect all people from around the world, but there are also people that use it for different harmful purposes.

Hacking Fackbook Password has become more and more difficult now days. Facebook has pretty much closed all the loop holes to their website. Facebook pays $500 to individuals who can hack their website with the traditional (youtube) ways.  Sorry to say, all the videos you find on YouTube to hack facebook are obsolete.  We tried all of the popular ways and nothing traditional worked.

The only known method that we know of that works is to install a keylogger on the PC you want to hack and obtain the passwords. Fortunately, win spy mobile for pc has a local and remote pc keylogger that can achieve this goal.

Win Mobile Spy comes with PC and Mobile Phone monitoring. You can both monitor your Mobile Phone and PC or Laptop. It comes as a bundled package at a cost of $39.95 a Year. With this package you can monitor 2 mobile phones, 10 remote PC and 1 local PC.

With Win Mobile Spy (local PC), all you have to do is to install the software and it will do the rest to obtain the facebook account password. No configuration is needed. It will start monitoring anything that is typed on your keyboard immediately.

With Win Mobile Spy (remote PC). There are a few steps needed to achieve this.

  • Step 1: You will need to create a Remote File using the win spy main main module.
  • Step 2: You will need to send this file to the PC you want to monitor and open the file there.
    Fortunately enough Win Mobile Spy Remote allows several kinds on remote file installations.

PS see this  link for more info on how to do a remote install.

– exe install
In this method – the remote install file is embed with a picture and the exe file icon will show as an icon file. when the remote user clicks on the file they would see a picture and win spy pc module will install silently on their pc.

– JPG and PDF install.
In this method – the remote install file will be embeded into a jpg or pdf file. And when user clicks on the file it will silently install the module.

– Combine.
In this method you can silently inject the remote pc module into any exe file (such as msconfig.exe). And when the remote user runs the msconfig.exe file by microsoft. The module will silently install into the background.

– XLS.
In this method you can silently inject the remote pc module into xls file.  And when the remote user runs the xls file by microsoft.  The module will silently install into the background.  This method is good for Excel version 2005 and below.

Remote Install Spy Software 2


There other means of hacking facebook. These methods have proven costly and time consuming.

Below are some examples:

1) Creating a Fake Facebook website and sending out phishing emails. Of course we know creating a simple facebook website clone is not cheap or time consuming.

2) Spoofing a MAC address. Well you are going to know how to spoof and decipher the hex code. This is no fun at all for a novice.

So in conclusion in our opinion, using a monitoring software like win Mobile Spy for Mobile and PC is the cheapest and easiest solution to get the info you need.

The purpose of this article on How To Hack Facebook Password is for educational purpose only. Please adhere to local laws when using Win Mobile Spy Software.


For any questions PS email us at: support@win-spy.com

Remote Install Spy Software

Remote Install Spy Software to Monitor up 10 Remote PC

Win Remote Install Spy Software is admittedly the easiest remotely deployable spy software.  It will allow you to remotely monitor a any PC by using a web browser.  You do not need physical access to the PC you want to monitor.  Win Remote Install Spy Software comes with a remote install package. This package will allow you to create a remote install file of these types (exe, jpg, pdf, scr, excel).  All you have to do is send the file to the PC you want to monitor.

It empowers you to monitor on all details logs of your respective distinct targeted.


Remote Install Spy Software


Win Spy Remote PC Monitoring comes with:
  • Screen Shot Capture
  • WebCam Live
  • Reports –  Keylogger
  •                View Chat Conversation
  •                Get Website Visited Detail
  •                Restricted Sites User Visited
  •                Time Spent Online by User
  •                PC Activity 
  •                PC Usage or Active Time
  •                Lost Stolen PC Location
  • Emailer for Keylogger, Screen Shots and Reports
  • Live Streaming Web-Cam (View / Record)
  • File Browser and FTP
  • PC Shutdown / Log Off
  • File Uploader / Download / Execute / Delete
  • Send Message to Remote PC
  • Remote file Install – combine, exe and excel
  • Remote information – direct connect, ftp, email
  • Monitor up to 10 remote PC with 39.95 version
  • Suspend Screen Shots on Idle
  • Centralized PC Monitoring
  • Works even with Firewall / Router
  • WebAccess Dashboard
  • Remote Desktop Connect to Remote


So How does remote Install Work.

  1. Create a Remote Install File using our Remote Installer
  2. Send Remote File to Remote PC using dropbox such.
    (When remote user clicks on remote file win-spy will install.)
  3. Use Browser Dashboard, Remote Viewer or FTP Viewer to view content/monitor remote PC.

Remote Install Spy Software 2

You can create a exe, jpg, pdf or inject remote module.  You do not need the remote PC IP to deploy or monitor the remote PC. Click Here for More Information


mobile spy software review

Mobile Spy Software Review – How to pick a good Mobile Spy Software from an Expert.

This Mobile Spy Software Review article is to empower purchaser to make a better decision when picking a Mobile Spy Software.

In picking a good mobile spy software you need to research on features below:

1) Stealth
2) Resource it takes
4) Practicality/Functions
5) Price
6) Additional

Today there are many Spy Apps in the Market. That boast a viariety of functions and claims.
We decided to put these Spy Apps to the TEST for consumers to make it make an easier decision when making a purchase.

Below is our Top Pick.

Win Mobile Spy Software.

  • Stealth – will not show on the phone.
  • Resource – barely takes any battery resources phone it takes.
  • Practicality/Functions – it has all necessary functions to do Spying activity. Does not have silly functions such as calendar, file usage, file downloads, mouse clicks or event time line. Remember the more functions it has – the more battery resource it would take. And the phone user would be come suspicious and start removing un-needed apps.
  • Price ($49.95 a Year or $4.10 a month) – Very reasonably priced product. At this price you get to monitor 2 mobile phones and 10 remote PC.
  • Additional – Win Mobile Spy comes with PC spy with Remote Install and Remote PC Monitoring. You can monitor both your mobile phone and any PC using the dashboard.

To us this was the best value Mobile Spy Software. No other vendor came close to this product Functionality or Price.

Beware Points:
Some product we tested – Vendors claimed their Mobile App was able to do a remote install. This is total Nonsense. This is not possible for these reasons.

  1. Google play store will ask to allow to Enable Settings Unknown Sources before downloading.
  2. You will have to Disable Play StorePackage verifier on Play Store. Play Store regularly scans the phone to see if any app that is not from Play Store is installed on the phone.
  3. When running the install you will have to Allow for All Permissions for the app to access the phone.
  4. Allow for all Background Data Usage – this will allow the app to run when the phone sleps.
  5. You will have to Make Application Trusted for Google Play Updater.

So you see remote install is not possible, unless you are Google.

Some vendors claim that the phone do not need rooting. This is NOT true. For most functions to work – the phone do not need rooting. But for certain functions to work such as whatsapp. The phone needs rooting. There is not way around this. See their FAQ clearly.

Features Compare:

mobile spy software review

track cell phone

How to Track a Cell Phone

 How to Track a Cell Phone?

There are many cell phone trackers in the market today.  However they all provide almost the same functions. So how do you determine which cell spy phone app is suitable for you.  This article is to help you choose a good cell phone tracker.  In choosing a good phone tracker we must take into consideration a few factors.

1) Price
2) Stealth
3) Reliability
4) Battery Power usage.

On Price: Win Mobile Spy is fantastically priced. No other vendors comes close. Win Mobile Spy is priced at $49.95 for one year. You can monitor 10 remote PC and 5 mobile phones from one dashboard. Below is a price chart comparison of Win Phone Tracker to competitors. See chart below:



Stealth: Win Mobile Spy Track Cell Phone is not traceable. After Installing you will be able to view current GPS Location and historical location. This information is automatically recorded on our server for your latter viewing.  Most functions do not require rooting and you can easily install the cell phone app within minutes. 

Reliability: Win Mobile Spy Phone Tracker comes only with functions that are needed to SPY on a cell phone. It does not monitor unneeded functions such as applications running ect.  Therefore making the very lightweight. This makes it more stable does not consume CPU and memory resources.

Battery Power Usage: Again, Win Mobile Spy Phone Tracker comes only with functions that are needed to SPY on a cell phone. It does not monitor unneeded functions such as applications running ect. This will make the app consume very little battery resourced. User would become suspicious if an app is taking too much battery resources and would uninstall the app. 

These 4 criteria above in combination should be your holy grail in determining  the usability  of your app to track a cell phone. These criteria work hand in hand. Use these criteria when looking for a Spy Phone App.  It will determine the success or failure of your spying mission. 

For any questions PS email us at: support@win-spy.com


Spy Phone

How to Spy on Someone Without Touching their Phone

This article will show you on your options on how to how to spy on someone without touching their phone.  There are many articles online that are claiming to be able hack a mobile phone without even touching it. These articles are written by armatures article publishers who are just doing a their job spinning an article. Currently there are 2 common ways used to hack a phone without touching it. the first method is used by law enforcement around the world. What you will need is an IMSI Catcher.


Hack or Spy on Someone Without Touching

IMSI catcher, is a hardware device used for intercepting mobile phone traffics and tracking movement of mobile phone. How it works is very simple. It tricks phones in your vicinity to think that you are are the cell phone tower. And the phone makes the call via your IMEI Catcher to the cell tower. In this method you can track every calls within your surrounding. These devices are very clean and efficient. There are several drawbacks to this system. * You need to be close to the phone you are tracking. No more then 50 meters. * They are very expensive. A simple device will set you back around 20 thousand dollars. If you can have the time to keep close proximity to the phone you are tracking and have the means to afford this, then this will be the product for you. It is very efficient and very stealth.





How to Hack

The second option is to spoof and open Wify MAC address. The disadvantage of this system is: * you will need to be in close proximity to the Wify signal. * not an easy process to read hex codes. * not simple to isolate wify signals from different phones. They are transmitted in chunks from different devices. This option is for experts with programming knowledge.


On the other hand if you do not have the time to follow the phone every where and do not have the means to afford very expensive systems. Or, learn hex codes. Then the only other way to have hack a phone is to install a mobile spy software on the phone. The drawback of mobile spy software’s are you will need the phone on hand to install the apk. But the good news is you can get it cheap, costing around $49. Among some brands you can get in the market is: Win Mobile Spy.Get Win Mobile Spy for Only $49.95 a Year or $ 79.95 a Lifetime here.

mobile phone app

Using a spy software is by far the most sensible option for regular people. It is the most affordable option.