Can I Remotely Install Mobile Spy Phone App

Lets get straight into the topic. There are many mobile spy app vendors that are claiming to be able remotely install a mobile spy app.  These claims are just a rip off and totally fake.

And, here are the reasons why?

1) First Problem – Enable Unknown Sources. Google will not issue a security key for ANY SPY APP to be downloaded from Google play store.  To get a security key for any app, you will have apply to Google. And Google will reject your application on this type of app. To download any app without a Google play store key. You will have to enable Unknown Sources in your phone settings.
On Phone Check Settings – Security – Unknown sources. And allow it to download it from unknown sources.
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2) Second Problem – Android Permissions. Since this is a spy app, when installing you will have to give the App permission to access the Camera, Contacts, Location, Microphone, Phone, SMS and Storage. The App just cannot gain the permissions by it self. Because it has not been executed yet. It needs user permissions to allow for permissions before the apk can run.
3) Third Problem – Play Store Package Verifier. Besides the above security precaution. Android also periodically checks if the app was downloaded from Google play store. If the app was not downloaded from Google play store it will be disabled and removed.  To overcome this, you will have to Disable Package verifier in your phone in Google play store.
Disable Package Verifier. (Only Android <= 8.1)
Go to Google Play Store – Settings – Play Protect and Turn Off Scan Device for Security threats.
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4) Fourth Problem – Allow Background Data Usage.  You will need allow for the app to use background data usage. Of course being a spy app, you will need to allow for background data usage. You cannot run the app on the foreground, this is a spy app.
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5) Fifth Problem – Allow App while Data saver is on. for the app to work correctly you will have to allow for this setting too.
6) Sixth Problem – You will have to make the application Trusted. This is done in the app power saver settings. Example below:
Open « Settings » => « Battery » In the App Power Saving Mode Click on « DETAIL » button Select « Google Play Updater » and choose « Turned off »
Options 1 – Lets say that you wanted to be creative and created an app that is totally legitimate. You upload this app to Google play store. And in this app, you told it to download another app and install it. Well, this will not work too. Since the other app will still need all the permissions above to be setup.
Option 2: Lets say that you wanted to be creative and created an app that is totally legitimate. Such as a game, or something. And within this app you embed all the spy code in it. You will still have problems here too. When you upload this app to Google play store. Google will check your app for suspicious behavior such as accessing microphone and camera and deny it.
Other Workable Very Expensive Options:  Please view our post on
Conclusion:  Unless you are Google or a very Powerful government entity. It is very almost impossible to remotely install a mobile spy app to a phone.