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Monitor Desktop & Mobile Phone.
Monitor 5 Mobile Phone & 10 Remote PC
Monitor from One Dashboard
For just $49.95 a Year

Safeguard Family

Know where your children
are at all Times

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Improve Workforce Productivity
Know if your Employees are Working
Monitor Remote Employees

Mobile Spy

Start Monitoring in Three Simple Steps!

When you are ready to start monitoring your kid’s or employee’s smartphone or PC activities – all you need to do is go through three simple steps.


How It Works

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Mobile Spy Tracking Features


View/Listen to Calls

Listen to incoming calls and outgoing calls.  View Caller Details with time and date stamp.

Listen Surround Recording

This function will on demand enable you to turn the phones mic and allow you to listen to phones surrounding and conversations.

Take Camera Pictures

This function will on demand enable you to take picture using the phones front and back cameras.

Contact Book

View all names and phone number in phones contact book.

Phone Images

Check all images downloaded to the phone.

Phone Videos

Check all videos downloaded to the phone

Skype Messages

Record All Incoming and outgoing Messages on Skype with user, time and date stamp.

Facebook Messages

Check All Incoming and outgoing Messages on Facebook Messenger with user, time and date stamp.

Notifications Received

Look at all notifications received.

GPS Location History

Always Keep Track on Target’s Location.

View SMS

Check All The Text Messages on Target Device.

Installed Apps

View all apps installed on the mobile device.

Geo Fence

View vicinity traveled most by the user.

Browser History

Check mobile phone browser history with time and date stamp

Whatsapp Messages

Check All Incoming and outgoing Messages on WhatsApp with username, time and date stamp.

Gmail Messages

Check All Messages on Gmail with username, time and date stamp.

Take Screen Capture

View The Target’s Screen with A Simple Click

     DESKTOP TRACKING (Local and Remote)

Key Recorder

Key recorder will captures anything typed on the keyboard to include.

KeyWord Alerter

Keyword Alerter will alert you via email when certain phrase or keyword is detected.

Remote Install

App comes bundled with remote install Wizard. With this wizard remote install files can be created and sent to your remote PC’s. When the user clicks on the file it would install Win-Spy Remote. If a picture is included then the user would see the picture. If no picture is included when user clicks on the file it would appear as nothing has happened. The app allows 5 methods for remote deployment (inject module, exe, jpg, pdf, ecr).

Remote Monitoring

With Remote monitoring, you can remotely control any computer as if you were sitting right in front of it. This feature will work even if remote PC behind a firewall or router. This Feature will also allow you to watch what someone is doing on their PC in Real-time. This is especially useful for monitoring Employees.

Remote Screen Capture

This will allow users to take screen shots at  intervals. Screen Shot files are tagged with data, time, and username, and  can be saved anywhere on the computer, network.

Remote file launch

You can Run Programs on Remote PC.

Notify’s User Online

Remote Viewer will notify you when user comes online. This is useful to monitor employees.

Remote Shutdown

You can shutdown remote PC  from anywhere.

Remote PC Browser

Upload / Download files from and to remote PC and browse files on remote PC.

Remote Cam View/Rec

This will allow users to monitor what is going on in their home or office while they are away using the internet. When motion is detected the remote app will automatically turn on your web cam and start taking screen shots of the surroundings.

Remote File Upload/Download

Upload / Download files from and to remote PC and run any file on remote PC.


Keylog – captures anything typed on the keyboard to include user / pass for all app including internet.

Website Visited – domain level info of website visited. To include username and amount to time spent

Time Spent Online – records time spent online on daily basis by user

PC Usage or Active Time – records idle time active time and total time user spent on PC.

Lost Stolen PC Location – records and email and FTP – PC IP, CPU ID, OS ID, Hardware Serial to location you specify.

For Mobile monitoring

Our Mobile Spy App includes all the features above. You can access the data anytime from our Dashboard. Even if the data is deleted from the phone. Our Mobile Spy app will capture and store the data. From our dashboard you will be able to record and listen to environment recordings in real-time. You will be able to get phone current gps location. You can take picture using the phones camera in real-time and you can take real-time screen shots of the phone. Win Mobile Spy is a very lightweight app. It is very lightweight on the phones resources and battery. We only included essential features that are needed for monitoring. Unlike other vendors that add sms blocking, call blocking, ect. Note useless features will consume the phones resources and render the app useless.

For Local / Remote PC Monitoring

You can monitor your local PC or and Remote PC. Remote PC monitoring includes remote install in the following formats (.exe, scr, pfd, excel, inject). You can view the remote PC usage in realtime or from our dashboard. You can control the remote PC mouse in realtime. You can view remote PC webcam. Or, enable the webcam to take cam shots when motion is detected and upload cam shots to our servers. You are also able to upload/download/run any files on the remote PC. PS refer to features below. No firewall configuration is needed to access the remote PC.

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Mobile Spy by Win-Spy  – Why ours is better:

mobile phone app

We have everything built into Mobile Spy. You can access your mobile phone and remote PC from one Dashboard from anywhere in the world, using any browser.

Our ONE product have more features then ANY of the competition. We at win-spy only believe in giving you the best. We do not believe in splitting our product and selling it to you as multiple different products like other companies do.

Competitively Priced – We give you the best value for you money. The competition do not even come close to our product features, price and support. All Premium Features for only $49.95 Per Year. For this price you get to Monitor Five Mobile Phones, Monitor Ten Remote PC, Free Upgrades/Updates for One Year, Free Support for One Year. Lifetime Version Available at $79.95.

No Jail Break Required for most functions.

The Only True Lightweight Mobile App in the Market That will not consume your phone resources or battery We only added functionalities that are only needed. The rest are done by screen shots to conserve your phone resource and battery.

We offer additional tools to keep your PC safe. Such as: Folder Hider, Clear Tracks Utility, Lost PC Tracking, Secure File Deletion

Our Happy Customers

Win Spy is the most professional parental control app I have ever used. It has so many powerful features and it is very easy to use. With Win Spy, I could have a better understanding of my kid now.

Collected From James, USA

Last sunday my daughter went on a trip with her classmates for several days. I was extremely worried about her safety. Thanks to Win Spy. I know where she is at at all times. This gives me great peace of mind.

Collected from Frank, Canada

There are so many risks online and I think every parent should have proper monitoring of children. Win Spy is a wise choice.

Collected from Selena, England

So What are you waiting for

Only a $49.95 for one year. Which is only $4.00 per month.
You get a Total Monitoring Package for PC and Mobile.
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