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Mobile Phone Spy Software

Win Spy Software is the only Monitoring Software in the market that offers a complete monitoring package. With our software you can monitor your Home PC, Remote PC or Mobile Phone.  You can monitor your Remote PC or Mobile Phone from anywhere in the World using our state of the art Dashboard.  Our Dashboard is compatible with any browser.  To get a preview of our dashboard please click here >>>>>>

In addition we include extra license in package.  You get 10 license to monitor 10 Remote PC and 2 license to monitor 2 Mobile devices.   And you get all this for $39.95 /year.  There is no monthly subscription fee.  And the license is reusable. You can uninstall it from one device and reuse the license on another device.  This applies for both PC and Mobile Phone.

Mobile Phone Spy SoftwareMonitor 10 Remote PC       Mobile Phone Spy SoftwareMonitor 2 Mobile Phones     Mobile Phone Spy SoftwareMonitor 1 Local PC           


Our Mobile Phone Spy Software Features!

Phone Call Spy

Phone Call Info

Incoming and outgoing numbers are logged with duration and time stamp.

Phone Spy Software

Realtime Location

Get phone realtime location anytime.

Spy on Realtime Location


View phone contact book.

Phone Call Spy


Sms messages are logged with duration and time stamp.

Spy on Realtime Location

Geo Fence

View where the device has been.

Phone Call Spy

Installed Apps

View apps that are installed on the mobile phone



View videos recorded on the mobile

View Phone SMS

Ambient Listening 

Record phone environment.

View Phone SMS

Phone Conversation

Record Phone Conversations


Record Converstion


View cell browser activity. Sites visited.  Sorted by date and time.

alert notifications


Record cell mobile notifications.

View Mobile Phone Images

Phone Images

View images on the mobile.


mobile whatsapp


Whatapp messages logged with duration and time stamp

skype mobile spy software


Skype messages are logged with duration and time stamp.

gmail spy software


Gmail mail are logged with duration and time stamp.

facebook hack


Facebook messages are logged with duration and time stamp.

View Mobile Phone Images

Screen Shots

Screen Shots of mobile phone usage are taken at interval.

View Mobile Phone Images

Realtime Phone Camera Shots

Take pictures in realtime using the phone front or back camera.


Mobile Spy Software


mobile spy software live demo


Our Mobile Phone Spy Software price comparison with competitors.

This chart shows all features you will get with our Mobile Spy Software bundled package as compared to competitors.

Mobile Spy Software

Our Mobile Spy Software comes with all premium features that competitors do not support,  and it is very affordable price.


Steps to Start Monitoring your Mobile Phone

  • Purchase Mobile Spy Software: After Purchase you will be sent a link to your order with instructions.
  • Register Your Account: Once you registered your account, you can login to your dashboard and download and install the apk to the phone you want to monitor.
  • Begin Your Monitoring: The software app will begin spying the objective Mobile, thus signifying that messages, call logs, etc will be accumulated and sent to control panel online when it is suitable. You can easily operate from any of your appliance that is connected with internet, and see the data that you want to monitor.   More Info Here  >>>>>>


Additional FAQ:

1) Will our Mobile Spy Software show on phone?
No, it will not show anywhere on the phone you are monitoring.  
2) How many Mobile Phones can I monitor?
You can monitor 2 android phones with the $39.95 purchase for one year. There is no subscription fee.
3) Can I remotely install this software to a Mobile Phone?
No, this is impossible to do for Android OS. No One can do it. Android OS is a dual layer security OS.
Anyone claiming to be able to do this is not telling you the truth. Android does prompts for security. No one can bypass this.
4) How large is the Mobile File?
The file is approx 5mb.
5) How long will it take to install the Mobile File?
It takes less then 30 seconds to install the file on the phone you want to monitor.
6) How do I transfer the target file to the phone I want to monitor?
You can download the file from our site and install it or transfer the file by any other means.
7) Do you have a toturial on how to install Mobile monitoring?
Please view link:
8) What OS do your mobile monitoring Support?
We support the following:
Nougat (Android 7.1),  Marshmallow (Android 6.1), Lollipop (Android 5.0), KitKat (Android 4.4), Jelly Bean(Android 4.2) .
9) Does the target phone need to be rooted? 
Most functions will work without rooting, however some functions will require rooting.  PS see demo here.  Login to dashboard and click on root.
10) What about competitors claim that their software do not need rooting? 
This is only true for IPhone.  This is Not true for Android.  Please read their FAQ carefully.  They are very deceiving.  For Android, the very same functions we have rooted is also required by their software.   There is not way around this since Android is a dual layer security OS.
11) What is the difference between our mobile phone spy software and competitors software? 
  • In our software you can view yous PC and Phone using the same dashboard.
  • Our Software uses the latest google FCM  technology to obtain data. Most Competitors use older Google GCM technology. Google GCM technology is not reliable in obtaining data.  Google is phasing out GCM technology.

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