Mobile Phone Spy Features

Mobile Phone Spy-Software Features

Win-Spy comes with many fantastic PREMIUM Mobile features.  All of this is packaged in one bundle to Monitor your Home PC or Remote PC or your Mobile Phone.  You get all of these Win-Spy features in one low price for $39.95 /per year.

Our Mobile Spy Software Features

Phone Call Spy

Phone Call Info

Incoming and outgoing numbers are logged with duration and time stamp.

Phone Spy Software

Realtime Location

Get phone realtime location anytime.

Spy on Realtime Location


View phone contact book.

Phone Call Spy


Sms messages are logged with duration and time stamp.

Spy on Realtime Location

Geo Fence

View where the device has been.

Phone Call Spy

Installed Apps

View apps that are installed on the mobile phone



View videos recorded on the mobile

View Phone SMS

Ambient Listening 

Record phone environment.

View Phone SMS

Phone Conversation

Record Phone Conversations

Record Converstion


View cell browser activity. Sites visited.  Sorted by date and time.

alert notifications


Record cell mobile notifications.

View Mobile Phone Images

Phone Images

View images on the mobile.

mobile whatsapp


Whatapp messages logged with duration and time stamp

skype mobile spy software


Skype messages are logged with duration and time stamp.

gmail spy software


Gmail mail are logged with duration and time stamp.

facebook hack


Facebook messages are logged with duration and time stamp.

View Mobile Phone Images

Screen Shots

Screen Shots of mobile phone usage are taken at interval.

View Mobile Phone Images

Realtime Phone Camera Shots

Take pictures in realtime using the phone front or back camera.

Mobile Spy Software price comparison with competitors.

Mobile Spy Software

Our Mobile Spy Software comes with all premium features that competitors do not support,  and it is very affordable compared to competitors pricing.