Win Spy Monitoring Software: The All-In-One Monitoring Software!

Win Spy Monitoring Software for Remote PCs, Local PCs and Mobile Phone.  Unbelievable price with all Premium Features! Unlike our competitors, we do not sell packages. Win Spy comes with all Premium Features at an incredible price of $39.95 per year.

Remote PC Monitoring

Monitor 10 X PC

  • Monitor Remote PC in Realtime
  • Monitor Remote PC Webcam
  • SMS alert upon motion detection.
  • Download/Upload/Run file on Remote PC
  • Control Remote PC
  • Mobile Phone Monitoring

    Monitor 2X Devices (Tablet or Cellphone)

  • Listen to all phone call conversations
  • Listen in on their phone's surroundings
  • Take realtime pics form phone camera
  • Get Device current and history location
  • Read all SMS and call duration
  • Local PC Monitoring

    Monitor 1 X PC

  • Monitor usage of home PC
  • Take shots when motion detected
  • Record every key typed
  • Lost or stolen PC tracker
  • Email all reports at interval
  • Win Spy Software Pro is a complete 3 in 1 monitoring solution.

    Win-Spy Software is a complete suite of monitoring utility, engineered to help keep your loved ones and business safe. You can monitor your Local PC and Remote PCs and Android devices. This app will help you monitor your business assets and help you track your missing loved ones via GPS and other advance functionalities. The PC monitoring software comes with Remote Install and Realtime Remote PC Viewer. Our app is powered by our deep domain knowledge and a functional understanding of our client’s exact requirements.

    With our lean and focused approach, we have catered to the needs of more than 2 million customers, helping them keep a track of their loved-ones, children as well as employees. All this at just $39.95 for one year!!

    As a mobile and phone spy app, we offer a full spectrum of spy software package with:

    • Remote PC Monitoring - Monitor 10X PCs
    • Local PC Monitoring - Monitor 1 PC
    • Android Monitoring - Monitor 2X Devices

    Feature-Rich Spy Software: An Overview

    We keep you ahead of the pack with information you can act on.

    Win-Spy Monitoring Software comes loaded with scores of features so that you can monitor PCs and mobile phones remotely and surreptitiously.

    Track Every Activity

    Track and monitor all communications, locations and activities performed by the user.

    Safeguard Children

    Keeping track of children and protecting them just got easier with this spy phone app. It enables you to monitor their daily activities.

    Monitor Employees

    The spy app lets you find out a lot about your employees – right from where they are and what they are doing, to what they are speaking and typing.

    Monitor: Monitor Remote and Local PCs and Android Mobile Phones

    Intercept Phone Calls: Listen to and record phone call conversations

    Track Messages: Record the keys types to send an SMS or email

    Monitor Phones: Track Android devices and get pertinent data on your PC or mobile

    Get GPS Location: Find out their exact location

    Record and View: Get to know about all the activities through WebCam when not at home or office

    Get Real-Time Reports: Spy in Realtime and get reports through secure FTPs, Emails and WebCam

    When you choose Win-Spy software, you only get your hands on a wealth of experience and domain expertise but also round-the-clock technical support and absolute data security.

    Our USPs include-

    • Complete PC and mobile spy app
    • Easy to use and install
    • Cost-effective prices – Just $39.95 for an year
    • 24/7 operations
    • 2 mil+ satisfied customers
    • 5-day money back guarantee

    Win Spy Software price comparison with competitors.

    Price 39.95 / year $199 / year $389 / year $239 / year $99 / year $99 / year
    Gps Location
    History Location
    Call History
    Text Messages
    Web Browsing
    Installed Apps
    Screen Shots
    Ambient Recording
    PC Monitoring
    Remote PC Monitoring

    All Premium Features for only $39.95 for one Year.

    That is only $3 a month, compare to competitors of $19 a month.

    Monitor Two Mobile Phones.

    Monitor Ten Remote PC.

    Free Upgrades/Updates for One Year.

    Free Support for One Year.

    No Subscription.

    Spy Software for Local PC or Remote PC or Android Phone

    Download Win-Spy software today and monitor PCs & Android devices with complete easy!